Anterior Composite Fillings, Pediatric, Kids Dentistry NJ
Anterior Composite Fillings, Pediatric, Kids Dentistry NJ


When a child has tooth decay or damage to one of their front teeth, we will use tooth colored composite resins to repair and restore the tooth. This ensures the filling cannot be seen, restoring esthetics and so it can be used normally for eating. Composite fillings can repair small chips and cracks in teeth which may have occurred due to a blow to the mouth and are able to repair small to medium sized cavities in children.

The Procedure to Repair a Front Tooth

While the main reason for using composite resin is to ensure the fillings cannot be seen, this material does have several advantages. We use the most advanced materials available today and this will bond extremely well with the natural tooth, strengthening and protecting it against any further damage and ensuring bacteria are prevented from infecting the tooth.

The technique to repair a tooth with a composite filling can be completed during one visit to our pediatric dental clinic. Firstly our children dentist in NJ will select the correct color composite resin to blend in with your child’s natural tooth color. We will often use several colors to get a more exact match. Next, we will prepare the tooth, removing any tooth decayed areas. If a tooth is chipped then we may lightly etch the tooth as this helps to improve the bond between the composite resin and the tooth. We can then gradually apply the composite, building it up in very small increments so it is the right size and shape to repair and restore the tooth. The composite is hardened with a special light before being shaped and polished to give a natural looking luster.

How Long Will Front Fillings Last?

We will regularly check all composite fillings during your child’s periodic dental examinations. Composite filings should last several years before they need replacing as eventually this material can become slightly stained teeth due to eating and drinking habits. While this material is very strong, it is best that your child doesn’t bite into very hard foods using teeth repaired with this material as it could chip the restoration.

D2330 Composite Resin, One Surface, Anterior

D2331 Composite Resin, Two Surfaces,

D2332 Composite Resin, Three Surfaces, Anterior

D2335 Composite Resin, Four Surfaces

D2390 Composite Resin Crown, Anterior