Typically, we attempt to minimize children’s loss of school days. For that reason late afternoon visits are normally set aside for periodic check-ups and dental cleanings for school-aged patients. Restorative treatment for all kids is suggested for morning hour or early afternoon hours. Please understand that occasionally your child may have to skip a few hours from school for necessary periodic check-ups or treatment. These visits are exceptional and considered as an excused absence by school administration.

Please allow 24 hours for appointment changes or cancellations, so that we could utilize this spot for another patient who may want this particular appointment time.


a. The payment in full is due by personal check, cash or debit card at each visit prior services being provided.
b. We also accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
c. There will be a $35.00 charge incurred for checks returned or voided for any reason. After 2 incidents of returned checks, you will no longer be able to use this method of payment.

Dental Benefits

a. Dental insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and your employer. We have no control over the amount of fees your insurance will cover. Your benefits are exclusively determined by the policy your employer purchased.
b. Even though we will file e-claims electronically; all co-pays and deductibles are due on the day of the appointment.
c. Please remember that an individual bringing the child for a dental appointment is legally responsible for payment of all charges.
d. If our compensation is denied by your insurance carrier for a procedure the doctor provided and you agreed to have your child receive, you may be liable for the unpaid balance.


a. Number of insurances require an estimate of the work to be done and the fees to be charged before determining their benefits to you (i.e., treatment using general anesthesia).
b. We will provide your insurance carrier an estimate of necessary treatment and our fees.
c. It will be up to you to determine if you wish to proceed with treatment before the actual benefit is determined by your insurance.


a. The cost of the appliance (space maintainer etcetera) is due on the day the impression is taken, as lab fees must be paid when appliances are ordered, not when they are completed.
b. Keep in mind that dental space maintainers are not always covered by dental insurance.

6. Emergency Treatment

a. All emergency treatment must be paid in full at the time the service is rendered.
b. If an emergency occurs after normal business hours, an “After Hours Office Visit Fee” will be charged.
Please remember, even if you have insurance coverage, you are responsible for payment of your account. Please understand that insurance coverage is a relationship between you, the insured patient, and your insurance company. Your understanding and cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.