Comprehensive Pediatric Oral Exam NJ
Comprehensive Pediatric Oral Exam NJ


Your child’s first visit with our pediatric dentist will consist of a comprehensive oral evaluation.  The doctor may also need to do the complete exam on an existing patient who missed their annual check-ups for three consecutive years or more, or whose oral health has changed significantly.

Why is a Comprehensive Examination Required?

A comprehensive examination is absolutely vital, because it permits our kids dentist to thoroughly assess your child’s current state of oral health and their risk of developing dental disorders associated with gum disease and tooth decay. This type of detailed assessment will not only allow us to properly maintain your child’s oral health in the foreseeable future, but it will enable our pediatric dentist to provide you with a fully customized restorative treatment plan if needed.

What Will Happen During a Comprehensive Oral Exam?

At Pediatric Dental Clinic we will do everything possible to ensure your child feels comfortable and relaxed during the entire time. It will not hurt in any way as we only going to examine their mouth.

Our pediatric dentist in New Jersey will be reviewing the dental records on hands and also go over your child’s medical history, including a list of medications currently used.

During this exam we will check their teeth for any signs of cavities in children and will make sure that any existing tooth restorations like dental crown and fillings are in good condition, and are not damaged or failing. We will also examine their gums as children can develop gum disease, a condition that can have serious consequences for their oral and general health if not treated promptly.

At last our doctor will check at the way their teeth bite or occlude together as abnormal bite prevalence may require an orthodontic evaluation, and will also evaluate the function of their jaw joints. It is important that the jaw joints (temporomandibular joints) function correctly and do not cause any pain

Are dental X-rays really necessary?

A full set of dental x-rays is required during a comprehensive oral evaluation as this helps provide a more complete picture of a child’s oral health condition, to generate accurate diagnosis and prescribe essential treatments plans. Sometimes we may need to carry out more extensive tests, for example panoramic x-rays which provide an image of a child’s upper and lower jaws.

Once we have completed our exam, our NJ pediatric dentist will discuss their findings with you. If any treatments are required, then we will explain all possible options. We also welcome questions and our friendly dental team is always more than willing to talk to parents and caregivers and to offer advice.

D0150 –  Comprehensive oral evaluation