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Patients with Special Needs

We understand the challenges faced every day by those who care for children with special needs. Our goal is to make their life a little easier.

Most of the time children with special needs present a challenge to the dental community. Using Our New Jersey special needs dentist can make a trip to the dentist much easier for these children. These kids require all of the dental services that are provided to the typical child, but are often faced with obstacles and struggle:

  • They are often orally sensitive which makes it difficult and often impossible to provide everyday at home oral care.
  • Their caregivers avoid the dental visit because of pre-conceived fears about the difficulties associated with a routine dental visit

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau has defined children and adolescents with special health care needs(SHCN) as those “who have or are at increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by children generally.”

Provision of oral health care to children and adolescents with SHCN requires specialized knowledge, increased awareness and attention, as well as accommodations. There is no reason why children and adolescents with the most serious conditions have to seek care from community-based health centers or general practices, where oral health professionals may lack the required knowledge and skills to serve these patients adequately.

Many general dentists neither have the educational preparation or the experience to effectively manage care for children and adolescents with SHCN. About half of the dental schools in the United States provide students with less than 5 hours of classroom instruction and less than 5 percent of clinical time devoted to providing care for children and adolescents with SHCN.

The majority of parents dread taking their special need child to a dentist in New Jersey, and with good reason: few kids can tolerate even minor dental procedures without becoming frightened or anxious. For this reason, children with SHCN have a high prevalence of carious lesions, poor oral hygiene, and more periodontal disease in comparison to their ordinary counterparts and dental care is often delayed to the point where surgery and general anesthesia become necessity. Taking these children to a special needs dentist in Jersey City that can provide the specialized care they need, will potentially alleviate dental health issues down the road.

There is nothing more important in dentistry than early intervention. That is why continuous care in terms of regular visits, ones every 3 month, for children with SHCN are extremely important in the process of attaining behavioral compliance, reducing dental phobia, as well as in 0helping prevent or diagnose illness early on, when treatment is simpler and more affordable.

The Pediatric Department of Clinical Dentistry & Oral Surgery provides care to patients who present special challenges.

Our Special Needs Dentist New Jersey offer hand-on training for parents, and caregivers of SHCN children, help with risk identification, appropriate early intervention and the overall management of the mouth and teeth.

Our staff for special needs dentistry in New Jersey can handle the treatment of children and adolescents who have difficulty cooperating due to age, physical disabilities, or developmental limitations.