Periapical X-Rays Pediatric Dentistry NJ
Periapical X-Rays Pediatric Dentistry NJ


What Are Periapical X-Rays?

A periapical x-ray or “PA film” will show one or two teeth in their entirety in one single image, right from the crown of the tooth which is the part exposed in the mouth to the very tips of the tooth roots located in the jawbone, as well as the surrounding bone supporting this tooth.


Why Are They Useful?

This type of x-ray is especially useful for allowing dentists to evaluate the whole tooth and the surrounding bone. We will recommend a periapical x-ray as part of a limited oral evaluation, for example if your child happens to be suffering from tooth pain or dental trauma. Sometimes we may use it as part of a patient re-evaluation or if a second opinion is required. Common situations where a periapical x-ray may be necessary include cases where teeth are impacted or abscessed, or where there is a possibility of a cyst or some type of change to the surrounding bone.

D0220 – Intraoral periapical; first film

D0230 – Intraoral periapical; each additional film