Bitewing X-Ray Pediatric Dentistry NJ
Bitewing X-Ray Pediatric Dentistry NJ


What is a Bitewing Dental X-Ray and When Is It Used?

A bitewing x-ray or radiograph is the most common type of x-ray taken. It shows the upper and lower back teeth and the way they bite together in a single image. Our pediatric dentist may order bitewing x-ray to check for cavities in children. This type of x-ray is also useful for showing how the upper and lower teeth are aligned. When a child has a severe dental infection or signs of gum disease, a bitewing x-ray can show bone loss in the mouth. We will need to take a series of bitewing radiographs in order to examine all of the teeth.

Are There Any Times When a Bitewing X-Ray Is Unnecessary?

When a child is particularly young, the use of bitewing x-rays may be excluded. This may be the case if there is adequate space in between their molars as doctor can visually check that there are no visible signs of tooth decay or infection during the exam.

As the six year molars begin to erupt into the mouth they can often begin to push the primary molars forwards, closing up any gaps in between these teeth. At this stage we may recommend bitewing x-rays to evaluate these contact surfaces which can no longer be visually observed.

D0270 – Bitewings single film

D0272 – Bitewings two films

D0273 – Bitewings three films

D0274 – Bitewings four films