Periodic Pediatric Dental Check-Up NJ
Periodic Pediatric Dental Check-Up NJ


Why Are Periodic Dental Check-Ups Important?

Once the patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation we usually schedule periodic check-ups. These are generally every six months, but sometimes our doctor may suggest seeing a patient more frequently if a child has a pre-existing condition, that necessitates continuous care under direct supervision.

What Happens During These Check-Ups?

During a periodic dental check-up, our pediatric dentist will carry out a complete examination of your child’s teeth, oral tissues and jaws. We will be checking for any signs of disease which may have developed since their last appointment. At this stage, any problems are likely to be relatively minor and should be simple to treat.  The huge advantage of bringing your child on the regular basis for periodic check-ups is that it allows us to diagnose the signs of dental disease much earlier, just before it begins to cause any discomfort or pain.

These periodic check-ups are also a great way to get children accustomed to visiting a kids dentist in NJ regularly. During these visits they will learn professional dental care is a routine part of life. We put a lot of effort into ensuring positive experience that children will grow up without fears or phobias about seeing a children’s dentist in NJ.

Normally we do not need to take the full set of dental x-rays at every periodic dental check-up. However bitewings are taken at regular intervals to exclude any abnormalities.

Keeping an Eye on the Development of Your Child’s Teeth and Jaws

Periodic dental check-ups allow us to check the condition of your child’s mouth and teeth. As they grow, we will be able to assess them for any potential problems, particularly those which may develop as a result of certain oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking.

Should our doctors suspect a problem with occlusion or bite, they may recommend your child has an orthodontic evaluation. This can be carried out as early as age 7 and might be beneficial because early orthodontic dental care can sometimes reduce the need for treatment at a later date or even eliminate it.

These regular visits are a good opportunity for us to get to know you and your child and our team of doctors and hygienists are always delighted to talk to you about your child’s dental health and to answer any queries you may have.

D0120 – Periodic oral examination.