Fluoride Varnish Treatment Kids Dentistry NJ
Fluoride Varnish Treatment Kids Dentistry NJ


What is Fluoride Varnish?

A topically applied fluoride varnish is a dental treatment that helps reduce teeth sensitivity in teeth and provide extra tooth enamel protection. It consists of a pale yellow gel that is painted onto the tooth surfaces with a soft brush. The gel quickly sets and has a pleasant taste. When used as part of a preventative dental care regiment, fluoride varnish applications can be very effective at cure tooth decay. The fluoride can be applied up to four times a year from the age of two onwards. Application is quick and straightforward and can easily be carried out in our clinic.

What Is the Procedure for Fluoride Varnish Application?

Fluoride varnish is suitable for most children, but we will need to know if your child has any history of allergies, particularly to plasters or if they have ever been hospitalized due to asthma or other allergies. Fluoride varnish cannot be used if your child has any mouth sores on the day of application. If they are taking any fluoride tablets or drops then they shouldn’t be used the day before application and for two days after fluoride varnish has been applied.

Once the fluoride varnish has been painted onto your child’s teeth it should remain there for the rest of the day and also overnight to provide maximum benefit. Your child will be able to eat and drink a short while after treatment but it’s best to avoid particularly hard or crunchy foods until they varnish is brushed away. This allows the varnish plenty of time to penetrate the teeth, offering more tooth decay protection. The next day your child’s teeth can be brushed normally and it is important to make sure they are brushed at least twice daily to help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

D1206 – Topical fluoride varnish