Appointments at Dentistry Center
Appointments at Dentistry Center


We are open during the following hours: Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm to answer questions or schedule an appointment to see patients. When scheduling an appointment, we will strive to fulfill your request as best we can. Normally we see preschool kids in the morning or early afternoon due to their volatility and because we can also assure more time to comfort them.

School age children with extensive treatment plans have to have morning or early afternoon appointments for the very same reason. It is essential to assign our patients according to their personal needs. While after school appointments are in big demand, they are in fact limited. We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation in this matter and will assist to provide you with an excuse letter for your child’s school when and if necessary.Your child’s appointment time is reserved especially for them. Thus we kindly ask you to make every possible effort in order to comply with appointed time.

If for any reason you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact our clinic at least 24 hours in advance. This will let our patient coordinators to utilize that time for another patient. Should you miss 2 appointments without a prior notice, we may advise you to request care from a different facility which may be able to accommodate your scheduling conflicts.

Before to providing any dental care at each appointment, all treatment plans will be reviewed and a consent form will need to be signed. We also require that parents remain at the clinic while their child is treated. Should you have any questions or concerns that arise during your visit a member of our staff will be readily available to answer them.

We look forward seeing you soon